Tenancy Requirements

All applicants over 18 years must complete a $30 Credit, Criminal and Eviction Screening. If the first person in a couple gets approved, then we will cover the cost of the second $30 application.

Tenancy decisions are based on a combination of the following criteria:

1. A minimum of 2.5 times verifiable household income compared to the property's rent.

2. Most emphasis will be on your credit and criminal history which includes timely payments, delinquencies, number of collections, past judgments, no evictions or bankruptcies in the last 5 years. No drug related felonies, no sexual predators and no crimes against children. No felonies or imprisonment for felonies within the past 10 years. No crimes against properties and landlords - to include theft of materials from properties, arson and vandalism.

3. A minimum of a 600 credit score for an applicant or for a co-signer.

Pet Policy:
Different Types of Properties will dictate the Pet Policy, so please check the specific rental listing. If pets are allowed, then our policy is the following:

One Cat OR One small/medium dog under 45 lbs.
$200 Security Deposit for a pet.
$50 Pet Rental Fee per month.

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